The Board of Directors is by law, required to enforce the following rules and regulations, and all owners should become familiar with, and cooperate in their enforcement.

1. CLEANLINESS: No debris of any kind shall be swept or thrown onto the common areas. No housekeeping or garden implements shall be outside the Condominium at any time.

2. SERVICE REQUESTS: Known as work orders must be in writing. The work orders can be picked up at the office.

3. TRASH: Will be collected by Waste Management Service on Wednesday and Saturday, early a.m. Recycle containers are provided and will be picked up on Saturday only. Plastic bags or closed containers must be placed at the curb. Bagged foliage will be collected on Wednesday. Owners must keep trash container(s) in the garage.The close proximity of these containers makes it absolutely necessary that these containers be deodorized with proper chemicals for this purpose.

4. EMERGENCY ACCESS TO UNITS: It is the responsibility of every owner to leave a key to their units with either a family member, neighbor or friend for quick access in case of an emergency. Advise the office of the name, address, also the telephone number of that person/persons. The person should live locally. Someone in New York is of no help in an emergency.

5. OBSTRUCTIONS: Walkways, driveways, and/or parking areas must NOT be obstructed in any manner and be kept clean and free from refuse.

6. PARKING: Parking on the street is restricted to daylight hours. Parking overnight at the clubhouses is for guests only and requires a permit which can be obtained at the office. Parties at clubhouses are an exception. There shall be no overnight parking of motor-cycles, motorbikes, campers, vans and trucks of any kind which must be kept in a garage.

7. ALL STOP SIGNS AND SPEED LIMITS MUST BE OBSERVED. This is for your neighbors and your own safety.

8. PROPERTY ACCOUNTABILITY: Nothing is to be removed from the Activities Room, Maintenance Stockrooms, or any other common area. Card tables, chairs, and all furniture which is a permanent part of the Clubhouse area may not be removed for any reason whatsoever. This furniture will not be loaned to any condo owner.

9. SOLICITATIONS: There shall be no house-to-house or door-to-door solicitations for any purpose. Solicitation in the Clubhouse is not permitted, unless the activity is for the education, entertainment, or welfare of the condominium community.

10. SIGNS: No signs or notices are permitted on patios, or on lawns advertising any residence for rent, lease or for sale. No signs of any kind advertising or soliciting services and/or business of any type permitted in or around units. Name signs permitted on the mailbox or lamp post only.

11. RENTALS, LEASES AND RE-SALES: The office MUST be notified of all rentals, leases, lease renewals and re-sales. They must comply with the Greentree Villas Documents and its By-laws. Your condo office should be the first to know your plans. Right of first refusal is always an option of the Board of Directors.

12. DAMAGES: Each unit owner is responsible for damages to common property caused by unit owner, his guests or tenants. Same to include, but not limited to furniture, lamp posts and common areas.

13. PETS: While this is a NO PET COMMUNITY, recent requirements of the FHA and ADA require that unit owners requiring an Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal must be allowed, provided they have a letter from a Physician in the field of the illness and a Certificate from a Veterinarian certifying that the animals required shots are up to date.

14. PATIOS: The use of sun shades or awnings is permitted provided they are the type and color approved by the Association. Permanent enclosures, must be approved by the Association, in writing. No colored lights or lighting which cause annoyance is permitted.

15. BARBECUES: The use of barbecue grills is permitted. For permanent installation written Board approval is required. The grill will be placed against the rear wall of the building between the entrance door to the back porch and the kitchen window, on patio blocks with a cover. Placement is restricted to this area. In the event of barbecuing foods shall be of an annoyance, the Association reserves the right to cancel the privilege of barbecuing from owners.

16. CLUBHOUSE: The Florida Condominium Act states that all common elements including Clubhouse and facilities are for the exclusive use of owners and tenants, therefore, it is prohibited that any CLUBHOUSE be rented or leased for a private party or private function without written permission from the Board of Directors. A $150.00 refundable deposit and a $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required. The CLUBHOUSE must be left in the same condition as it was rented or a deduction will be made from the deposit money. The cleaning costs will be deducted from the $150.00 deposit.

17. HOLIDAY DECORATIONS: Decorations on the outside of the units shall be confined to any Holiday season and only be displayed during the Holiday period.

18. POLE LIGHTS: The Association will change the light and sensor. The pole and mailbox is the owner’s responsibility. In the interest of safety and security, electrical current to the pole lights must be kept on at all times, including, absence of the owners.

19. WRITTEN BOARD APPROVAL: Must be obtained before any alterations or additions may be made to the exterior or to the landscaping of any unit. This includes but is not limited to; air conditioners, painting of aprons, sealing of driveways and plantings, enclosing patios, outside patios, windows, garage doors, awnings.

20. USE RESTRICTIONS: Please refer to pages 33, 34, and 35 in the Greentree Villas Condominium Document.

21. FEEDING OF WILDLIFE: The feeding of any form of wildlife, including but not limited to fish, and domestic or migrating birds, such as ducks and all birds, cats and possums whether by hand or stationary feeders, on any part of the common element areas of the Association is prohibited.

22. ABSENTEE OWNERS: All absentee owners must inform the Board of Directors of the number of guests in their unit, the relationship, and the length of stay anticipated

23. LAKES AND WATERWAYS: No swimming, wading or fishing allowed in the lakes or waterways.

24. SHUTTERS: Hurricane shutters may be closed up after a HURRICANE WARNING, and must be reopened 48 hours after the HURRICANE has passed.


All guests must be accompanied by a resident owner at all times or be properly identified as guests. All children under fifteen (15) must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Everyone MUST use the outside shower before entering pool and/or after using lotions.

Resident owners and their guests wearing bathing suits shall wear a proper over-garment when en-route to and from the pool area.

No children under four (4) permitted in the pool.

No toys, balls, floats, or other similar apparatus allowed in the pool. Snorkels, fins and/or any underwater equipment are prohibited.

Radios in the pool area must be played with the volume adjusted so same will not annoy others.


NO RUNNING on pool deck. NO JUMPING into the pool.

Use of the pool is at swimmers risk. We do not recommend swimming alone. NO LIFEGUARD on duty.

FOOD is not allowed on Pool Deck Area. Beverages are permitted, provided containers other than GLASS are used. Glass is not permitted at any time in pool area (Florida State Law).

Persons in bathing attire must place towel on lounges and/or chairs before using.

POOL HOURS: Dawn to 11:00 p.m . No nighttime swimming.

The entire recreation area, pool, clubhouse is a smoke free area


Please wear proper attire at all times in the Clubhouse. No bathing suits. No bare feet. Men MUST wear shirts.

The stove in the kitchen may not be used for cooking. It can be used for heating or re-heating only. By Order of the Fire Department.


Billiards Rooms are for ADULT residents and their ADULT guests only. (Eighteen (18) years or older).

POOL TABLE REGULATIONS: Brush table when through playing. Rack balls after you have completed play. Return all cues to rack when through playing.

Phase 1 – Greentree 4685 Greentree Lane 2nd Tuesday each month
Phase 2 – Hawkwood 4841 Greentree Lane 2nd Thursday each month
Phase 3 – Dovewood 10286 Equestrian Drive 1st Monday each month
Phase 4 – Equestrian 10420 Equestrian Drive 1st Monday each month
Phase 5 – Quailwood 4655 Finchwood Road 3rd Thursday each month
Phase 6 – Storkwood 4696 Storkwood Drive 1st Wednesday each month