Revised Rules and Regulations 9-19-19, click link:

The Board of Directors is by law, required to enforce the following rules and regulations, and all owners should become familiar with, and cooperate in their enforcement.

1. SWIMMING POOL: (Open from Dawn to Dusk) The rules for the use of the pool area are posted within the pool enclosure & are printed here for your information. When the pool is being cleaned, please do not interfere with the cleaning operations.

  • A. Everyone MUST use the outside shower before entering pool and/or after using lotions. When showering, do not use soap, shaving cream, shampoo or any other grooming product.
  • B. Any person wearing a bathing suit to and from the pool shall be properly attired. Gentlemen must wear a shirt and women must wear a cover-up when proceeding to and from the pool. Cover-ups and shoes are required for all when entering the Clubhouse and rest rooms.
  • C. Changing attire at pool side is strictly prohibited. If you must change, please use the rest room.
  • D. No children under four (4) years of age are permitted in the pool.
  • E. Use of toys, noodles & floats are allowed in the pool but may not be stored at the pool. Any such items left behind will be thrown out. Please be courteous to other swimmers when using such items at the pool.
  • F. Radios in the pool area must be played with the volume adjusted so same will not annoy or disturb others. Consideration of others must be practiced. Ear buds are recommended.
  • G. Diving or jumping into the pool is prohibited.
  • H. NO RUNNING on pool deck.
  • I. USE OF THE POOL IS AT SWIMMER’S RISK. We do not recommend swimming alone. There is no lifeguard on duty.
  • J. Maximum Weight load on pool ladders is 250 lbs. To avoid risk of injury, please refrain from overloading the ladder steps and use the concrete stairs instead.
  • K. FOOD is not allowed on Pool Deck Area. Beverages are permitted, provided containers other than GLASS are used. Glass is not permitted at any time in pool area (Florida State Law).
  • L. Persons in bathing attire must place towel on lounges and/or chairs before using.
  • M. POOL HOURS: Dawn to dusk. No nighttime swimming due to lighting restrictions.
  • N. The entire recreation area, pool, Clubhouse is a smoke free area.
  • O. Food is restricted to the lanai area and is not allowed on the pool deck.
  • P. Persons in or around the pool are requested to see that the pool area is free of litter by depositing all litter in proper receptacles.
  • Q. Return all chairs, lounges and umbrellas to their original positions when leaving.

2. CLUBHOUSE: (Open from 9 A.M. to 11 P.M. daily) All Unit Owners are entitled to use any Clubhouse or pool of their choosing.

  • A. Please wear proper attire at all times. Bathing attire is permitted only when going to and from the restrooms. No bathing suits, wet clothes or bare feet are permitted within the main Clubhouse area. Shirts, blouses and cover-ups must be worn at all times. Shorts are permissible.
  • B. Use of the Clubhouse for religious services will not be permitted.
  • C. Fire codes must be strictly adhered to. Due to the fire code COOKING IS RESTRICTED to only the reheating of precooked food. Fire extinguishers shall always be in plain view and free of obstruction. SEE FIRE MARSHALL CERTIFICATE OF COOKING RULES.
  • D. Smoking or vaping is prohibited in the Clubhouse, including the rest rooms, billiard room, and kitchen.
  • E. Food and beverages are allowed in the main section of the Clubhouse. Please take care to report any spills on the carpet to the Office immediately.
  • F. To avoid any conflict of dates, all functions must be submitted to the Office for approval. Once the date is approved to not conflict with any scheduled private parties, it will be posted on the master calendar and printed in the newsletter.
  • G. The person in charge of any functions or private parties is responsible for securing all kitchen utensils, cleaning the kitchen and depositing all trash in receptacles outside the Clubhouse.
  • H. A Renter whose lease has been approved by the Association may enter the Clubhouse and use its facilities. In the case where an Owner leases his/her Unit, all privileges are relinquished by the Owner to the leasee.
  • I. Please turn off all lights and check all locks when leaving.
  • J. OWNER PRIVATE PARTIES: Use of the Clubhouse for private parties is permitted subject to the contractual conditions for its use as shall be established by the Board of Directors from time to time.
    • a. There is a $75 Clubhouse use fee.
    • b. Applicant shall be responsible for any damage to appliances, plumbing or building.
    • c. A $150 refundable deposit is required.
    • d. Parties shall be no earlier than 8 A.M. and end no later than 11 P.M.
    • e. A party shall not exceed five (5) hours in length.
    • f. Request for party must be received 21 days prior to date requested.
    • g. Parties can only be held when there are no planned Association activities.
    • h. The swimming pool and billiard room shall not be used by Party Guests in conjunction with the party, and all Clubhouse rules must be observed.
    • i. Maximum number of guests shall be 80 persons. Smoking or vaping is not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse.
    • j. Please park in designated parking spaces or on the street. Please do not block fire exits or park on the grass areas. Do not block any mailboxes or driveways.
    • k. The Unit Owner sponsoring the party agrees to hold the Association harmless in all respects.
    • l. You cannot provide alcohol to your guests. Guests may bring their own.
    • m. Please be considerate of your neighbors with the volume of music.
    • n. Everything must be left clean. All trash is removed to the pump house, tied in dark plastic bags and ready for trash day.
    • o. Please be sure to turn off all lights and lock all doors before you leave.
    • p. The Association has the authority to withhold deposit if any of the Clubhouse rules or private party rules are violated. If after inspection, everything checks out, the deposit will be returned. Any cleaning or repair costs will be deducted from the deposit.

3. BILLIARDS: (Open 9 A.M. to 11 P.M. daily)

  • A. The use of the billiard tables is restricted to persons age sixteen (16) and above.
  • B. Do not sit on pool tables. (Use a bridge.)
  • C. Players must brush pool tables when through playing.

Phase 1 – Greentree 4685 Greentree Lane 2nd Tuesday each month
Phase 2 – Hawkwood 4841 Greentree Lane 2nd Thursday each month
Phase 3 – Dovewood 10286 Equestrian Drive 1st Monday each month
Phase 4 – Equestrian 10420 Equestrian Drive 1st Monday each month
Phase 5 – Quailwood 4655 Finchwood Road 3rd Thursday each month
Phase 6 – Storkwood 4696 Storkwood Drive 1st Wednesday each month